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Hardy and helpful southwest desert plants can add richness to your kitchen, your medicine chest, your home, and your garden, as well as enhancing the  lives of your neighborhood songbirds and wildlife.  Our classes and workshops show you easy, fun, and healthy ways to incorporate our native plants into your life. Come enjoy learning with us! Southwest Native Plants for Food, Fun, & Healing with Robin Kobaly Sunday, October 30th, 2016 | 12:30 – 4:30 pm Please note revised class […]

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Cooper's Goldenbush_8316

Why Plant Native?

We have been trained, over generations of time, that whenever we move into an area, we are to remove the native plants growing on our new site and replace them with plants from wherever we were before, or at least with plants we are familiar with. The plants we introduce into our new setting are not necessarily the ones best adapted to that area, but are the ones that have been marketed to us as the industrial standards that are […]

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Notes from Songbird Cottage

Home Building in Birdland

Suddenly, all the wayward string, sticks, fibers, feathers, paper, and cushion stuffing have become hot commodities around our yard. Now that nest-building season has arrived, what was earlier considered debris has become treasure to the birds living throughout Songbird Cottage’s yard. The path-side, spiny trimmings from our wild plums (Ziziphus parryi, also known as Parry Abrojo) that we had temporarily set beside the pathway have now been picked over by a pair of industrious verdins, and incorporated into their nest – […]

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Robin Kobaly


Robin Kobaly with The Power of Plants is your source for information about uses of native plants of the southwestern United States, and water-wise landscaping using native and drought-tolerant plants.

You’ll find useful tips here, as well as information on where you can take classes or obtain books and DVD’s on using native and water-wise plants in your daily life. Your guide, Robin Kobaly, is a professional botanist with thirty years of experience whose passion about plants has guided her entire life. We’re glad you’ve joined us here to explore the fascinating world of plants.

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Water-Wise Landscaping: The DVD

Cactus Juice with Fruits_RK_8466

   ~ How to Make Your Own “Ruby Nectar” Juice from Prickly Pear Cactus Apples ~   If making your own healthy drink from cactus fruits that you harvest yourself sounds intriguing, but the spines put you off, we have a solution for you. This simple method doesn’t involve burning off every spine, cutting or scraping off each spine cluster, or even wearing thick, spine-proof gloves. You can put away your matches, knives, scrapers, and gloves. All you need is […]

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