Have Fun…Learning about Native Plants

Plant Uses Display

Plant Uses Display

Class and Workshop Series:

  • Creating Yard Magic with Desert Native Plants
  • The Fun of Finding Food and Medicine from Desert Native Plants
  • Bringing Birds into Your Backyard
  • Going Native in Your Yard…What to Grow and Why
  • Designing Your Native Plant Landscape
  • Fun Uses of Desert Native Plants…from Arts to Eats
  • Harvesting Desert Plants…How, When, and Where
  • Know Your Desert Natives…Fun Ways to Recognize Southwest Plants
  • The Joy of Desert Gardening
  • How To Fully Enjoy Your Yard
  • Eat the Weeds…Don’t Curse Them
  • Creating a Wildlife Sanctuary in Your Yard

Whether we are in the classroom or out in the wild, classes are small, affordable, intellectually stimulating, thought provoking, hands-on and fun.