Plant of the Month: June 2012




Chrysactinia mexicana


  • Plant Form: Perennial shrub
  • Water Use: Low
  • Mature Size: 2’ tall, 2’ wide
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Bloom Time: April-September
  • Native to: Texas, Mexico
  • Hardiness: Cold Hardy to 10° F


Damianita is a cheery, compact evergreen shrub covered with yellow, daisy-like flowers from April to September. While Damianita is technically a shrub, it is used like a flower, creating a vivid, yellow carpet when massed. Planted in groups, Damianita forms a ground cover useful for erosion control on slopes. Its tiny, dark green, needle-like leaves are wonderfully aromatic. Damianita requires full sun, little water, excellent drainage, and soils not amended with organic matter. Light pruning in early spring promotes denser new growth, but severe pruning may kill the plant. A perfect border plant for flower beds, or a ground cover for hot, exposed areas. Its rounded form gives a soft contrast to yuccas and agaves in desert gardens.