This Month in Your Southwest Yard – January



 January Garden Tasks

     Frost is likely on dry, windless, clear nights this month

Apply mulch around plants and under drain spouts to retain water, prevent soil erosion, and feed nutrients into soil with each rain.

~ Keep plants watered to prevent frost damage

~ Wrap irrigation valves and pipes to protect from freezing

~ Turn off irrigation timers if it rains

~ Apply mulch around plants to retain water and soil, and to feed nutrients into soil with each rain

~ Prune roses and summer-blooming deciduous fruit trees

~ Don’t prune frost-damaged plants until spring growth

~ Plant bare-root trees and shrubs now through early March

~ Mulch under downspouts with bark, compost, or gravel to help rain soak into soil instead of running off

~ Check tree stakes & ties for support against strong winds

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