This Month in Your Southwest Yard



August Garden Tasks

Remove (“deadhead”) spent flower heads to achieve tidier plants, and to encourage a few last blooms before fall, as with this Cleveland Sage.



     Good month to sit back and enjoy your garden—
there are few chores besides watering & grooming




~ Deadhead spent flowers, trim off dead flowering stems (save any seeds for replanting).

~ Walk irrigation lines to check for clogs, leaks, and breaks.

~ Continue deep-watering trees & shrubs once a month. If you water by hand, leave a dripping hose at the drip-line of trees and shrubs (at the outer edge of branches) to deeply soak soil once a month; set a timer to remind you to move hose to next plant.

~ Keep adding to mulches as they decompose to conserve water, keep soil and roots cool, and reduce the frequency of watering.

~ Encourage repeat blooming by pinching or cutting back annuals, perennials and shrubs.




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