Native Desert Tea Class


Surprisingly healing and healthy natural gifts await our discovery in the leaves, stems, flowers, roots, and fruits of our desert plants, made available to us through teas and beverages. Explore the useful remedies, health benefits, and aids to well-being in each of a dozen desert native plants as you taste and experience each one brewed into a tea, and learn each tea’s wellness gifts. Create your own custom blend of dried tea to take home and brew yourself. Our classes and workshops show you easy, fun, and healthy ways to incorporate our native plants into your life. Come enjoy learning with us!

Making Native Desert Teas
for Health, Healing, & Well-being
with Robin Kobaly

Saturday, June 8th, 2019 | 12:30 – 3:30 pm ~ Class Full

3-Hour Tea-making Workshop at The Plant Yoda’s Den

Great fun, lots of demonstrations, samples, and displays!
Make your own custom blend to brew at home…

PresenterRobin KobalyBotanist, Founder and President of
The Power of Plants, and Executive Director of  The SummerTree Institute

  • Saturday June 8, 2019 
                   12:30 – 3:30 pm

  • The Plant Yoda’s Den
                   Morongo Valley, CA 92256 ~ Directions sent upon registration

  • Workshop registration includes:

                  ~ 3-hour workshop with displays & demonstrations

                  ~ Hands-on plant specimens for identification

                  ~ Helpful handouts

                  ~ Sample teas brewed from local native plants

                  ~ Your own custom tea blend to take home and brew

  • Fee: $65

                  ~ Enrollment is limited. Please reserve early to assure your spot.

This three-hour workshop offers a hands-on exploration of ancient and traditional uses of desert plants as teas and beverages, and gives you the opportunity to taste a dozen powerful but soothing plants as teas. Explore the healing and health properties of each native plant, and learn how to harvest, dry, store, and prepare them for your own use. This brand new workshop includes demonstrations and samples, plus tips on identifying each plant, as well as discussions about harvesting native plant species in a respectful and sustainable way.

Each workshop is unique, as we include native plants that are in season at that time, so we can sample flower buds, blossoms, fruit, roots, shoots, and seeds that are ready for harvest at that time. You will be empowered to learn about the local native plants that may be growing in your own back yard that are just waiting for you to discover their useful properties as refreshing, calming, and healing teas. You may look at our desert native plants with a new perspective after experiencing this intimate workshop.

Join us in the intimate setting of the unique and creative “Plant Yoda’s Den”, the home where Robin grew up, and where her mother, Babs Kobaly, taught her own native plant use classes for forty years. Babs had transformed her home into part apothecary, part art-house, and part fantasy world for her grandchildren, reflecting her passions as a native plant teacher, fanciful artist, and playful kid-lover.  In honor of her late mother, the great room of Babs’ home has been remodeled to open it up for classes and workshops on the very topics that she and Babs researched together as Robin grew up.

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