Plant of the Month – July


Peruvian Verbena dresses up rock gardens and low planters, spreading to form a mat, and also looks great cascading from pots.

Peruvian Verbena
Glandularia (Verbena) peruviana purple

  • Plant Form: Perennial groundcover
  • Water Use: Low, Moderate
  • Mature Size: 6-12 in. tall x 2-3 ft. wide
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Bloom Time: Spring (March-May), Summer (June-Aug), Fall (Sept-Nov)
  • Native to: South America
  • Hardiness: Cold hardy to 0°F 

Peruvian Verbena is a fairly fast-growing groundcover that trails and spreads with new herbaceous roots to form a dense mat. This desert-friendly, rabbit-resistant perennial produces clusters of colorful flowers at the end of each stem, with colors ranging from purple to pink, red, or white, depending upon which of the many available varieties are chosen.While this verbena is great in low-water-use landscapes, it produces its best flowering with moderate water. Flowers are most prolific in spring, with a slight tapering off in summer, but fall spurs another big bloom, which attracts butterflies and bees.Deadhead spent flowers to encourage continued blooming, and prune back in late winter to stimulate new flowering stems before spring. Although not a long-lived plant, Peruvian Verbena is popular in rock gardens and low planters, cascading from pots, and mixed with wildflowers and other groundcovers.

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