The Desert Underground Exhibit


Who would guess that anyone could say, with any credible authority, “Mushrooms can help save the world?” And even more preposterous, that in the desert, fungal threads that connect to plant roots combat global warming? Even though these statements sound like science fiction, we are finding that both are proving to be absolutely true. These concepts were at the forefront of the vision to create an artistic, visually compelling presentation that would transport viewers along a graphic “tour” of the unseen desert underground. Join us for a virtual tour of the hidden but magnificent “Desert Underground,” a realm that silently works under our feet every day.

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This immersive exhibit at the 29 Palms Inn was created by Robin Kobaly and is presented by The SummerTree Institute, an environmental education nonprofit, of which Robin is Executive Director. The series of graphic displays, created with original artwork, leads viewers along an illustrated tour through our desert soils, delving deeper and deeper into the underground.

This walk-through “tour” reveals the amazing partnerships that connect every native plant underground across the landscape. Journey through the interlocking biological and geological systems that work together to create a surprising carbon sponge, helping to combat climate change wherever desert soils remain intact.

For more information, including the companion book written by Robin, visit

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The Desert Underground Exhibit

at the
2019 Joshua Tree National Park Art Exposition
September 14 & 15, 2019
10 AM – 4 PM
29 Palms Inn Pavilion
Oasis of Mara, Twentynine Palms, CA

Admission is free to the public

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