Plant of the Month – December


Chinese Pistache
Pistacia chinensis

  • Plant Form: Deciduous tree
  • Water Use: Low, Moderate
  • Mature Size: 25-40 (to 60) ft. tall x 25-35 (to 50) ft. wide
  • Exposure: Full sun, part shade
  • Bloom Time: Spring (Mar-May)
  • Native to: China, Phillipines, Taiwan
  • Hardiness: Cold hardy to 10°F

Chinese Pistache gives the double treat of extreme drought tolerance with striking fall color. Although this tree goes dormant in winter, dropping its leaves in late fall, this versatile tree will shade any space it is planted, from streets and driveways to lawns and patios.

Chinese Pistache delivers what few other trees do: vibrant fall colors in warmer climates. Besides transforming its foliage to crimson in autumn, it adds to its year-round interest with attractive bark and bright red fruit that turns dark blue on female trees. This desirable, deciduous, ornamental tree is so drought resistant, it needs only occasional watering once established. Young trees may look gawky, but grow moderately fast to develop an attractive, umbrella-like crown with age. Stake young trees and prune the first few years to lift the crown above head level if you plan on recreating under its shade. Some litter is created from fall leaf drop and fruit twigs. Landscape uses for this dependable tree are numerous, including use as a shade tree, street tree, specimen tree, patio tree, accent, corner planting, or even in lawns. Pistache is ideal to flank driveways, or used as a pair to meet overhead on a drive or street.

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