Plant of the Month – September


Yellow Bells, Esperanza
Tecoma stans ‘Gold Star’

  • Plant Form: Semi-deciduous shrub
  • Water Use: Low, moderate
  • Mature Size: 4 – 6 ft. tall and wide
  • Exposure: Full sun, part sun
  • Bloom Time: Spring – Fall (Apr-Nov)
  • Native to: Florida, Texas, W. Indies, Mexico, Central & South America
  • Hardiness: Cold hardy to 15-20°F

This eye-catching shrub is a true show-stopper…not only for human admirers, but also for hummingbirds and butterflies. Its golden yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers appear in flushes from late spring to fall. Pinching off old flowers and seedpods encourages repeat blooming.

Yellow Bells, or Esperanza, impresses everyone with its large clusters of golden yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers, bending the branch tips into arches with their weight. The profuse, 1 to 2-inch-long blossoms attract hummingbirds and butterflies with their fragrance and nectar. This heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant shrub is related to our Desert Willow, while its lush deep green leaves resemble those of elderberry. Blooming occurs in flushes from late spring into fall, producing 8-inch-long string bean-like pods. Prune or pinch off old flowers and seedpods for repeat blooming and to maintain a bushy plant. Several cultivars are available with various flower colors and plant sizes from 3 to 25 feet tall. While all Yellow Bells love heat, most have frost-sensitive leaves, but their roots survive much colder temperatures. Cut back annually when new growth starts in spring to remove frost damaged foliage; plants will recover quickly. Beautiful as an accent, container plant around patios, or planted in masses in beds and borders.


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