Plant of the Month


Apache Plume
Fallugia paradoxa

  • Plant Form:Semi-evergreen shrub
  • Water Use: Very low
  • Mature Size: 4-6 ft. tall x 5 ft. wide
  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Bloom Time: Spring (Apr – June)
  • Native to: So. Calif, SW U.S.
  • Hardiness: Cold hardy to -10°F

Apache Plume provides months of interest in your garden with its long-lasting, feather-like seed heads. This extremely drought-tolerant California native plant needs only occasional watering after established, and quickly expands to about 5 feet wide.

Apache Plume is one of our showiest native desert shrubs. Rose-like, white flowers in spring produce eye-catching, silky pink seed plumes that cling to the stems into winter, adding months of interest. These feather-like seed heads are said to resemble an Apache headdress.  This fast-growing, semi-deciduous shrub with small dark green leaves is extremely tolerant of heat and drought, and is an important erosion control plant. Apache Plume likes full sun but accepts part shade, and needs only occasional if any irrigation after it becomes established. Cut the oldest woody stems to the ground to revitalize the plant. Beautiful on banks, in rock gardens and raised planters, as a background or accent plant, or in open spaces. Give this plant ample room—it doesn’t stay small for long.

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