Plant of the Month – October

PomegranatePunica granatum Plant Form: Deciduous Shrub, Tree Water Use: Low, Moderate Mature Size: 12-15 ft. tall and wide Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Time: Late Spring (April-May), Early Summer (June-July) Native to: Himalayas, India, Iran Hardiness: Cold hardy to 10°F Pomegranate gives back so much and asks for so little in return. Even in very hot gardens with difficult soils, this fast-growing, deciduous shrub or tree produces beautiful fruits filled with juicy, sweet seeds to eat right from the plant or to […]

Plant of the Month – May

Basketbush Sumac, Fragrant Sumac Rhus aromatica   Plant Form: Deciduous Shrub Water Use: Low Mature Size: 5-6 ft. tall x 6-8 ft. wide Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade Bloom Time: Spring (Mar-May) Native to: California, western U.S., Canada to Mexico (below 7,500 feet) Hardiness: Cold hardy to -15°F Basketbush Sumac is a surprisingly lush plant to be found in dry desert habitats. It is a tidy shrub with arching stems and dense leaves, spreading by rhizomes to form a thicket. […]