Summer Deep Watering

Summers are tough for a desert botanist. It pains my heart to look out across both our yard and the open desert and watch the native plants turning brown, dropping their leaves, and shutting down for the summer. I know that these plants have to do this just to survive the coming months of intense sun, 100+ degree heat, and no promise of rain for most of the year. Yes, the scientist in me knows that all these desert plants […]

This Month in Your Southwest Yard – May

   May Garden Tasks   Rising temperatures cause changes in plants…prepare for summer!   ~ Change watering schedule from mid-day to early morning or evening as weather heats up to minimize loss through evaporation. ~ Maintain a good mulch of organic matter (such as leaves, bark, or chipped wood) covering garden soil throughout the summer to hold in moisture, moderate soil temperatures for optimum root growth, improve the soil as it decomposes, and prevent weeds from germinating. Mulch allows you […]