Plant of the Month – June

Velvet Centaurea, Purple Bush Dusty Miller Centaurea cineraria Plant Form: Evergreen sub-shrub Water Use: Very low, low Mature Size: 2-4 ft. tall x 6-8 ft. wide Exposure: Full sun, part sun Bloom Time: Spring (Mar-May), early Summer (June) Native to: Italy Hardiness: Cold hardy to 15-20°F Velvet Centaurea has been called a “Dusty Miller on steroids” due to its vigorous growth. Most garden plants either have brilliant flowers or striking foliage that complements all the plants around them. This beauty […]

Plant of the Month – May

Blue Emu Bush, Blue Bells Eremophila hygrophana ‘BlueBells’ Plant Form: Evergreen shrub Water Use: Low Mature Size: 1-2 ft. tall x 3-6 ft. wide Exposure: Full sun Bloom Time: Spring (Mar-May), Late Summer (Aug), Fall (Sept-Nov), Winter (Dec-Feb) Native to: Australia Hardiness: Cold hardy to 25°F Blue Emu Bush has been described as the perfect shrub: one that blooms throughout the year, thrives in hot temperatures but handles frost, needs no pruning, and even tolerates drought. Its only potential weakness […]

Plant of the Month – November

Shiny Xylosma Xylosma congestum Plant Form: Evergreen shrub, tree Water Use: Low, Moderate Mature Size: 8-15 ft. tall x 10-12 ft. wide Exposure: Full sun, part shade Bloom Time: Fall (September – November) Native to: China, Japan Hardiness: Cold hardy to 10°F Shiny Xylosma is a loose, spreading, graceful, evergreen shrub or small tree with arching branches that is used as a versatile hedge or privacy screen. Its shiny, clean, yellowish green leaves are its most attractive feature; new growth emerges […]

Plant of the Month

Lynn’s Legacy Sage Leucophyllum langmaniae ‘Lynn’s Legacy’ Plant Form: Evergreen shrub Water Use: Very low Mature Size: 4-5 ft. tall and wide Exposure: Full sun Bloom Time: Summer (June – August), Fall (September – November) Native to: Mexico Hardiness: Cold hardy to 10°F Lynn’s Legacy Sage was selected by legendary “plantsman” Lynn Lowery for its long season of profuse flowers, more than any other selection of Texas Ranger. Native to Mexico, this slow-to-moderately growing, dense, evergreen shrub explodes in lavender flowers […]

Plant of the Month

Heavenly Bamboo, Sacred BambooNandina domestica Plant Form: Evergreen shrub Water Use: Low Mature Size: 4-8 ft. tall x 2-4 ft. wide Exposure: Part Sun, full shade Bloom Time: Spring (May), Summer (June – Aug) Native to: China, India, Japan Hardiness: Cold hardy to 10°F Heavenly Bamboo provides year-round interest with very little care. Sprays of tiny white flowers in late spring and summer are followed by bright red berries in autumn (plant several for more berry production). Lacy new leaves emerge pink or […]

Plant of the Month – September

Evergreen Sumac Rhus virens Plant Form: Evergreen Shrub, Small Tree Water Use: Low Mature Size: 8-12 ft. tall x 10-15 ft. wide Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Time: Summer (June-Aug), Fall (Sept-Nov) Native to: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas Hardiness: Cold hardy to 5°F  Evergreen Sumac is a very adaptable, large, evergreen shrub that tolerates every stressful desert situation thrown at it: burning heat, freezing cold, extended drought, nutrient-poor soils, and even difficult clay and caliche soils. Given all these challenges, this […]