Plant of the Month

Apache Plume Fallugia paradoxa Plant Form:Semi-evergreen shrub Water Use: Very low Mature Size: 4-6 ft. tall x 5 ft. wide Exposure: Full sun Bloom Time: Spring (Apr – June) Native to: So. Calif, SW U.S. Hardiness: Cold hardy to -10°F Apache Plume is one of our showiest native desert shrubs. Rose-like, white flowers in spring produce eye-catching, silky pink seed plumes that cling to the stems into winter, adding months of interest. These feather-like seed heads are said to resemble […]

Plant of the Month – October

Desert Wild Grape Vitis girdiana Plant Form: Deciduous vine Water Use: Low, moderate Mature Size: 10-30 ft. tall and wide Exposure: Full sun, part shade Bloom Time: Spring (March – May), Summer (June – August) Native to: Southern California, California Channel Islands Hardiness: Cold hardy to 0°F Desert Wild Grape is a fast-growing, deciduous vine that produces small but edible black grapes for birds and people. The silvery-green foliage turns color and drops in winter, but the persistent tendrils remain […]