Plant of the Month – August

Thorncrest Agave Agave univittata (A. heteracantha, A. lophantha) Plant Form: Succulent Water Use: Very low, low Mature Size: 1.5 ft. tall x 2 ft. wide Exposure: Full sun, part sun Bloom Time: Summer (Aug), Fall (Sept-Oct) Native to: Southern Texas, Mexico Hardiness: Cold hardy to 0-10°F Thorncrest Agave is an attractive, small, rosette-forming succulent. Its dark green leaves have a pale green mid-stripe, and their edges are lined with sharp teeth. Several cultivars are available with various shades of color-stripe patterns […]

The Desert Underground Exhibit

Who would guess that anyone could say, with any credible authority, “Mushrooms can help save the world?” And even more preposterous, that in the desert, fungal threads that connect to plant roots combat global warming? Even though these statements sound like science fiction, we are finding that both are proving to be absolutely true. These concepts were at the forefront of the vision to create an artistic, visually compelling presentation that would transport viewers along a graphic “tour” of the unseen desert […]

Plant of the Month – June

Artichoke Agave, Parry Agave Agave parryi Plant Form: Succulent Water Use: Very Low Mature Size: 2-3 ft. tall & wide Exposure: Full Sun Bloom Time: Summer (June-Aug) Native to: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico Hardiness: Cold hardy to 15°F  Artichoke Agave forms a dense, symmetrical rosette that actually resembles a giant artichoke. Wide, foot-long, blue-gray leaves are edged with spiny margins and tipped with a one-inch terminal spine. A rosette slowly matures over time until it produces offset “pups” at its base, eventually […]

Plant of the Month – December

Holly-leaf Redberry Rhamnus ilicifolia Plant Form: Evergreen Shrub Water Use: Very Low Mature Size: 3-9 ft. tall and wide Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Time: Spring (Mar-May), Summer (June) Native to: California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Baja California (500 – 6,600 feet elevation) Hardiness: Cold hardy to 0°F  Holly-leaf Redberry is a handsome, mounding, evergreen shrub with dark-green, glossy, holly-like leaves. Tiny yellowish flowers are inconspicuous, but female flowers produce bright red berries relished by birds and small mammals. Male and female flowers […]

Plant of the Month – November

Mountain Mahogany Cercocarpus betuloides Plant Form: Evergreen Shrub Water Use: Very Low Mature Size: 8-15 ft. tall x 10-12 ft. wide Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Time: Spring (Mar-May) Native to: California, Oregon, Baja California (below 6,000 feet) Hardiness: Cold hardy to -30°F  Mountain Mahogany is a large, upright, evergreen shrub or small tree with beautiful, smooth, light gray bark. Small, wedge-shaped leaves with toothed edges resemble birch leaves, giving this plant its other name, Birch-leaf Mountain Mahogany. Its small, cream-colored, rose-like […]

Plant of the Month – September

Desert Willow, Desert Catalpa Chilopsis linearis Plant Form: Deciduous tree Water Use: Low Mature Size: 15-25 ft. tall x 18-20 ft. wide Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Time: Spring (Apr-May), Summer (June-Aug), Fall (Sept-Oct) Native to: California, Arizona, Mexico (below 5000 feet) Hardiness: Cold hardy to 0°F Desert Willow is a fast-growing, multi-trunked tree or large shrub that twists and leans as it reaches skyward, creating an interesting, open crown in age. Its long, narrow, bright green leaves give a willowy appearance, […]