This Month in Your Southwest Yard – March

   March Garden Tasks     Warm, mild weather this month prompts rapid growth of plants, as well as insect pests   ~ Plant perennials as early as possible this month if you missed the fall planting season ~ Plant bare-root trees and shrubs through early March ~ Transplant Joshua trees and yuccas from March to mid-April ~ Reapply any mulch around plants removed by rain or wind ~ Replace batteries in your irrigation clocks when Daylight Savings Time starts ~ […]

This Month in Your Southwest Yard – January

   January Garden Tasks      Frost is likely on dry, windless, clear nights this month ~ Keep plants watered to prevent frost damage ~ Wrap irrigation valves and pipes to protect from freezing ~ Turn off irrigation timers if it rains ~ Apply mulch around plants to retain water and soil, and to feed nutrients into soil with each rain ~ Prune roses and summer-blooming deciduous fruit trees ~ Don’t prune frost-damaged plants until spring growth ~ Plant bare-root trees and […]