This Month in Your Southwest Yard – September

  September Garden Tasks Late September to mid-November starts the most important planting season of the year in the Southwestern U.S. ~ Plant native and drought-tolerant plants from late-September to mid-November; warm soil helps new plants develop deep roots before summer, reducing water needs during their entire two- to three-year establishment. We traditionally recommended planting native and drought-tolerant plants from mid-September through October, but as high summer temperatures are now lasting longer into our “fall” months, we are now adjusting […]

7 Steps to a Desert-Wise Landscape

STEP 1—Pick drought-tolerant plants. Plants adapted to our climate of hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters will outperform plants from wetter, milder regions. Growing plants that are well-adapted to the extremes of our climate makes the best use of our water, time, and money. Visit local demonstration gardens to view beautiful examples and mature sizes of drought-tolerant plants adapted to our climate. Ask your local nursery which water-wise plants are available for your area, or check our new online […]