This Month in Your Southwest Yard

  October Garden Tasks        Take advantage of fall planting season to develop strong, summer-ready plants   ~ Continue to plant native and drought-tolerant perennial plants and trees. Fall plantings develop deep roots while soils are still warm but the air is cool, which stimulates root growth. This early root establishment reduces water needs during your new plant’s two- to three-year establishment. ~ Adjust irrigation timers as nights get longer and cooler. Simply making monthly changes to your irrigation […]

This Month in Your Southwest Yard – September

  September Garden Tasks Late September to mid-November starts the most important planting season of the year in the Southwestern U.S. ~ Plant native and drought-tolerant plants from late-September to mid-November; warm soil helps new plants develop deep roots before summer, reducing water needs during their entire two- to three-year establishment. We traditionally recommended planting native and drought-tolerant plants from mid-September through October, but as high summer temperatures are now lasting longer into our “fall” months, we are now adjusting […]