This Month in Your Southwest Yard – February

   February Garden Tasks     Good month to control winter weeds before they flower     ~ Plant shallow-rooted ground covers, bulbs, low-water-use plants, & natives if you missed the fall planting season ~ Plant bare-root trees and shrubs now through early March ~ Prune the rest of your summer-blooming deciduous fruit & nut trees, roses, & dormant shrubs ~ Prune evergreens now, but not later in spring or summer ~ Fertilize perennials & trees with slow-release food for consistent […]

This Month in Your Southwest Yard – December

   December Garden Tasks      Winter begins and plant growth is on hold until February ~Prune to shape evergreens like arborvitae, juniper, pines, and cypress—and save trimmings for holiday decorations ~Prune dense trees to avoid wind damage; make sure young trees are well-staked ~For overnight protection when frost threatens, cover delicate plants with large cardboard boxes, old sheets, or tarps ~Consider setting irrigation timers to “off”, and manually water in response to our irregular winter weather, based on winds, rain, […]