Plant of the Month – July

Carob Tree Ceratonia siliqua Plant Form: Evergreen tree, shrub Water Use: Very low Mature Size: 30-45 ft. tall and wide Exposure: Full sun Bloom Time: Fall (Sept – Nov) Native to: Mediterranean region, Iran Hardiness: Cold hardy to 20°F Carob Tree, best known for its cultivated seed pods used as a substitute for chocolate, is also valued for its ornamental landscape qualities. Its dense canopy of glossy, evergreen foliage makes a wonderful shade tree. Allowed to grow naturally, it retains […]

Plant of the Month – December

Chinese Pistache Pistacia chinensis Plant Form: Deciduous tree Water Use: Low, Moderate Mature Size: 25-40 (to 60) ft. tall x 25-35 (to 50) ft. wide Exposure: Full sun, part shade Bloom Time: Spring (Mar-May) Native to: China, Phillipines, Taiwan Hardiness: Cold hardy to 10°F Chinese Pistache delivers what few other trees do: vibrant fall colors in warmer climates. Besides transforming its foliage to crimson in autumn, it adds to its year-round interest with attractive bark and bright red fruit that turns […]