Plant of the Month

Century Plant American Agave Agave americana Plant Form: Succulent Water Use: Very low Mature Size: 6-10 ft. tall x 10-15 ft. wide Exposure: Full sun, reflected sun Bloom Time: Summer (June – August) Native to: Mexico, SW US Hardiness: Cold hardy to 15°F Century Plant is a large and impressive succulent that forms symmetrical rosettes of fleshy, gray-green, spiky leaves that can grow up to 6 feet long. Named from a belief that it blooms only after 100 years, it […]

Plant of the Month – November

Spanish Dagger Yucca gloriosa ‘Variegata’ Plant Form: Succulent shrub Water Use: Low, moderate Mature Size: 2-4 (-8) ft. tall x 2-4 ft. wide Exposure: Full sun, part sun Bloom Time: Summer (July – Aug), Fall (Sept – Oct) Native to: Southeast U.S. Hardiness: Cold hardy to 15°F Spanish Dagger is a beautifully symmetrical shrub native to coastal plains, dunes, and sandy woods from North Carolina to Florida. Sword-shaped, spine-tipped leaves radiate from its center. The variegated form has blue-green leaves […]

Plant of the Month – December

Ocotillo Fouquieria splendens   Plant Form: Deciduous succulent shrub Water Use: Very low, low Mature Size: 8-20 ft. tall x 5-10 ft. wide Exposure: Full sun, reflected sun Bloom Time: Spring (March – May), Summer (June – Aug) Native to: Southern California, southwest US, Mexico Hardiness: Cold hardy to 0-10°F Ocotillo is an iconic symbol of the southwest that forms a vase-shaped shrub with up to 100 wand-like, thorny stems that radiate from the crown. Small, oval, fleshy leaves appear […]