Summer Deep Watering

Summers are tough for a desert botanist. It pains my heart to look out across both our yard and the open desert and watch the native plants turning brown, dropping their leaves, and shutting down for the summer. I know that these plants have to do this just to survive the coming months of intense sun, 100+ degree heat, and no promise of rain for most of the year. Yes, the scientist in me knows that all these desert plants […]

This Month in Your Southwest Yard – July

   July Garden Tasks     Smart water-wise practices pay off now:   Climate-adapted plants + mulch + deep watering = less water use + happy plants + a beautiful yard!     ~ Check irrigation emitters, valves, and lines for clogs, leaks, and breaks. ~ Flush out lines by removing end caps with your water system on; sand or deposits that build up in lines can clog emitters. ~ If you water by hand, leave a dripping hose at […]