Plant of the Month – May

Basketbush Sumac, Fragrant Sumac Rhus aromatica Plant Form: Deciduous Shrub Water Use: Low Mature Size: 5-6 ft. tall x 6-8 ft. wide Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade Bloom Time: Spring (Mar-May) Native to: California, western U.S., Canada to Mexico (below 7,500 feet) Hardiness: Cold hardy to -15°F Basketbush Sumac is a surprisingly lush plant to be found in dry desert habitats. It is a tidy shrub with arching stems and dense leaves, spreading by rhizomes to form a thicket. This […]

Plant of the Month-April

Foothill Penstemon, Bunchleaf Penstemon Penstemon heterophyllus Plant Form: Evergreen herbaceous perennial Water Use: Low Mature Size: 1-3 ft. tall x 1-2 ft. wide Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun Bloom Time: Spring (Apr-May), Summer (June-July) Native to: California (below 5,500 feet) Hardiness: Cold hardy to 10°F Foothill Penstemon makes you smile just to look at it. Every one of its abundant blossoms appears to be stretching up to greet you personally. From its yellow flower buds, you would never guess the flower […]

Plant of the Month – March

Beavertail Cactus Opuntia basilaris Plant Form: Cactus Water Use: Extremely Low Mature Size: 1-2 ft. tall x 3-6 ft. wide Exposure: Full Sun Bloom Time: Spring (Mar-May), Summer (June) Native to: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Mexico (below 7000 feet) Hardiness: Cold hardy to 10°F Beavertail Cactus has flattened pads that truly resemble their namesake. This slow-growing California native from both the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts is dotted with clusters of tiny spines called glochids, which are set into dimples across the […]

Search for Beautiful Water-Wise Plants

YOU WILL LOVE SEARCHING HERE for the best plants to satisfy your landscape needs for your Southwest yard! CLICK on the image above to take you to the full list of categories to search. Our WATER-WISE PLANT DATA BASE includes hundreds of plants, both native and non-native, that are water-wise, drought-tolerant, available at Southern California nurseries, and that are cold-hardy in our cool desert winters but still stand up to our extreme summer heat.

Plant of the Month – February

Goldeneye Bahiopsis parishii (Viguiera deltoidea parishii) Plant Form: Semi-deciduous Shrub Water Use: Very Low Mature Size: 2-3 ft. tall and wide Exposure: Full Sun Bloom Time: Spring (Feb-May), Summer (June), Fall (Sept-Oct) Native to: Southwestern California, southern Nevada, Arizona, northern Mexico (below 5000 feet) Hardiness: Cold hardy to 15°F Goldeneye is blanketed with bright, golden flowers on long stalks, contrasting nicely with its dark-green leaves — which feel like a cat’s tongue due to their stiff hairs. A moderately fast-growing, winter-deciduous shrub […]

Plant of the Month – December

Little John Dwarf Bottlebrush Callistemon citrinus ‘Little John’   Plant Form: Evergreen Shrub Water Use: Low Mature Size: 3 ft. tall x 5 ft. wide Exposure: Full Sun Bloom Time: Spring – Fall (March – November) Native to: Australia Hardiness: Cold hardy to 20°F Little John Dwarf Bottlebrush is a hummingbird’s delight that is compact enough to fit into any garden. This slow-growing evergreen shrub holds up in hot, dry landscapes, and resists the browsing of rabbits and deer while […]