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Stroll along a half-mile boardwalk under a lush canopy of cottonwood and willow trees as Robin shares secrets of the same plants that sustained Serrano Indians who inhabited Big Morongo Canyon for centuries. Come enjoy learning about our native plants with us!   Eco-Discovery Tour of Big Morongo Canyon Preserve with Robin Kobaly Thursday May 18th Tour Full Thursday May 18, 2017 – Tour Full                8:30 – 11:30 am Big Morongo Canyon Preserve- Morongo Valley                11055 East Drive, […]

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Notes from Songbird Cottage

Why to Leave Your Leaves

Every fall, as our trees and shrubs begin preparing for their winter sleep, we watch leaves morph from green to yellow (or orange on our Basketbush Sumac and Japanese Maple). Soon after, each leaf lets go of its supporting branch and drifts down to earth. Piles of fallen leaves collect along our pathways, porches, and patios. But we don’t see this annual event as more work to do in the yard — because we never move the leaves any farther […]

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Cooper's Goldenbush_8316

Why Plant Native?

We have been trained, over generations of time, that whenever we move into an area, we are to remove the native plants growing on our new site and replace them with plants from wherever we were before, or at least with plants we are familiar with. The plants we introduce into our new setting are not necessarily the ones best adapted to that area, but are the ones that have been marketed to us as the industrial standards that are […]

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Robin Kobaly


Robin Kobaly with The Power of Plants is your source for information about uses of native plants of the southwestern United States, and water-wise landscaping using native and drought-tolerant plants.

You’ll find useful tips here, as well as information on where you can take classes or obtain books and DVD’s on using native and water-wise plants in your daily life. Your guide, Robin Kobaly, is a professional botanist with thirty years of experience whose passion about plants has guided her entire life. We’re glad you’ve joined us here to explore the fascinating world of plants.

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Water-Wise Landscaping: The DVD


The rains over the fall and winter months are what entice many wildflowers out for a spring showing.  We were blessed with much welcomed rain in southern California over the past winter, but it is the fall rains that produce our best wildflower shows. The timing of our rains may not cause massive explosions of wildflowers throughout our deserts, but there may be some nice spring displays of both annual wildflowers and perennial shrubs in localized areas across the southwest […]

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